Sager Scott Studios creates unique handmade works of art employing the following media and techniques, and referencing the following Subject Matter:

Sculpture, Sculptures, Sculpture Gallery, Carving, Sculpture Studio, San Diego, Ceramic (Ceramics), Clay, Art,Arts, Artwork, Painting, Paintings, Copper, Bronze, Tile , Tiles, Kiln, Glaze, Masks , Mask, Screen, Screens, Handmade, High Fire, Interior Design, Architecture, Gallery (Galleries), Installation, Installations, Nature, Culture, Civilization , Civilizations, Contemporary, Relief, Mosaic,Mosaic Tiles, Custom, Texture Textures, Ethnic, Human, Culture , Cultures, Residential, Commercial, Africa, African, Pacific, North America, Asia, Asian, Pacific Rim, Latin America, Latin American, South America, South American, Ocean, Sea, Fish, Animal, Animals

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