Since 1994, Doug Scott and Richard Sager have been creating their own recognizable style of ceramic sculpture. Collectors, designers and architects throughout the world have commissioned their work for residential, commercial and institutional installations. Richard and Doug have studied art and music throughout their lives, and have developed a great appreciation for the forms of nature and the cultures of mankind.

Prior to their collaboration as Sager Scott Studio, both sculptors had independent success in the art world. Combining their unique talents has led to their growing achievement over the past years.

Doug Scott has been recognized for his finely detailed water-color paintings, and has also worked extensively in acrylics and oil. His artistic accomplishments have included creating award winning show window displays for the Beverly Hills, San Diego, and Orange County Tiffany & Co. boutiques. He continues to design special events for Tiffany & Co.

Richard Sager executed large neon sculptures and independently produced a variety of ceramic sculpture projects. His background in design, drawing, and sculpture combined with a passion for social and economic issues and concerns drives his own unique style of sculptural interpretation.