Sager Scott Studio has created a style unique in the contemporary art world, merging ceramic sculpture and other various art media into sculptural pieces. They have received extensive press coverage in magazines, newspapers and television. Descriptions have described their work as "Bold ... creative ... appealing ... untraditional" (San Diego Union Tribune.) Their principal art form is heavy relief sculpture. Their creative method sometimes combines relief sculpture with mosaic detailing, both as background and as an integral part of a piece.

Each sculpture is hand formed and fired at the studio. Thousands of custom colored, thoughtfully placed mosaic pieces may be added to create or enhance an image. This process results in multi-textured, dimensional works with forms ranging from tables to large architectural screens to life-sized and larger masks, free standing sculpture and wall installations.

Influences for the pieces are taken from nature and the human form. Cultural, historic and ethnic references often inform and lend authority to their work, exposing a keen appreciation for their environment. The style and influences seen in Sager Scott Studio lead to the production of one-of-a-kind artistic creations acquired and commissioned by collectors and designers worldwide.